Global Exporters Limited is a leading manufacturing and procurement service company. With over 20 years’ experience trading with USA, Europe, Australia and South East Asia.

Millions of shipping containers are exported from Asia every year, and despite the advantages of such a high volume, it often presents a unique set of difficulties for companies wishing to maintain strict budgets, schedules and efficiency in product supply logistics. While the majority of shipped goods do eventually reach their destination, those which are delayed due to unreliable shipping companies, detained at customs, and lost or damaged can present major setbacks for brands and organizations.

As an essential feature of our services, logistics with Global Exporters ensures the most suitable shipping method for your products with an optimal quality-to-price ratio, expert planning and supervision from loading to delivery, and up-to-date order status and shipment location at all times. We conduct a final inspection of the seal during ex-factory loading, and oversee the publication of customs clearance documents as well as our own program recap documentation.


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Cost-efficient shipping involves comparing quotes that can fluctuate depending on the time of year, with each purchase varying in amount, volume, weight, cost, time and customs requirements. Whether your shipping requirements involve pooling goods, urgent shipment or batch shipment, Global Exporters handles all shipping operations and contingencies with real-time awareness and expertise to provide the safest and most cost-efficient solutions for your shipping needs.

Every country has its own clearance requirements, and Global Exporters is both knowledgeable and informed on the processes and information required to successfully clear every single shipment. By reviewing all pertinent documentation for inaccuracies and ensuring that all clearance documents are correctly and swiftly supplied, we are able to avoid any last minute changes, missing documents, or the late delivery of your products. For your additional peace of mind, Global Exporters will continually update you on the status of your shipment with real-time tracking details so you will always know where your shipment is and will be prepared to receive it.