Global Exporters Limited is a leading manufacturing and procurement service company. With over 20 years’ experience trading with USA, Europe, Australia and South East Asia.

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Quality Control

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Sourcing relies on market research and strategic networking with manufacturers and suppliers to select the most suitable candidate for your product development and procurement needs. With more than 20 years’ experience in the Asian manufacturing industry, Global Exporters puts you in a prime position to partner with vetted and qualified suppliers and manufacturers across China and Southeast Asia whose top standards match your own. Our extensive network of factories and suppliers across a wide range of industries ensures access to every type of product, feature and manufacturing demand.


Procurement refers to the supply chain in action, which includes gathering materials and networking services to create your product while factoring indirect costs. It involves placing orders with individual suppliers, managing order confirmations, receiving goods, following up with suppliers and concluding all transactions. Procurement is an end-to-end process, one which covers purchase strategies and price negotiations as well as inventory control and inventory storage. With a refined procurement strategy from Global Exporters, clients can enjoy streamlined operations that result in timely, cost-effective and valuable production.


Our Process

  • Obtain and confirm accurate specifications, compliances, quantities and target pricing from our clients.
  • Perform market research with due diligence and in accordance with unique client specifications. 
  • Vet and qualify potential manufacturing partners and suppliers through an extensive factory audit.
  • Consult with our clients on all available options.
  • Obtain samples or prototypes for client review and approval.
  • Enter price negotiations with suppliers and manufacturers on behalf of our client’s best interests.
  • Present a total costing and timing report for client approval.
  • Enter into a purchase agree with manufacturers.
  • Oversee production in our client’s best interests.
  • Organize testing and approvals for quality assurance.
  • Perform quality control checking before shipping.
  • Organize timely and reliable shipping to the customer.